UV Sterilizer for cell phones and masks becomes a necessity

Sterilizer for cell phones and masks

UV Sterilizer for cell phones and masks becomes a necessity today.  Studies found that a typical cell phone carries 25,000 bacteria per square inch higher than that of a toilet seat, which carries 1000 bacteria per square inch.  There is no evidence if a smartphone or cell phone carries Coronavirus. However, theoretically, it is possible that the viruses living on the surface of the phone can cause infection.  Moreover, the COVID-19 viruses can live on the surface of the phone for hours to days.

Sanitizing Masks

Masks also become a necessary item in our daily living today. It protects you from getting viruses in the air or someone near you having the viruses. Although, the problem with having and carrying masks is that you may need frequent purchases to replace them with new ones.   This is another way of waste not only spending money on the masks but also producing unnecessary waste to nature.

Masks are made of either fabric or fabric with plastic material. Note that fabric masks are totally fine to sterilize under high heat. However, masks with plastic material need to be sterilized under low-temperature operated sterilizers. Since the plastic material is vulnerable to heat, it has to use a low-temperature sterilizer.  Another consideration to choose the right sterilizer is the efficacy that is highly related to the UV wavelength. Studies found that UVC, the short wavelength is highly effective to remove or disable viruses,  The wavelength of 253.7 nanometers UVC is highly effective in removing bacteria and viruses, moreover, it breaks off the RNA of the viruses to stop replicating the cell.   You may also need to consider sterilizing other items that you use.

Sanitizing Cell Phones

The optimal temperature to operate a cell phone runs between 32° ~ 95° Fahrenheit, that’s 0° ~ 35° Celsius. Any temperature beyond the recommended temperature in the zone may cause defects of the phone. Therefore, it is necessary to use a sterilizer operated under the safe temperature zone for the phone.  Also, it is necessary to check the proof of the test results of the sterilizer.

The solution for sterilizing cell phones and masks

Sterilizers for cell phones and masks are available in the market today.  However, you will need to compare time to complete a sterilizing cycle against space availability, durability, and technology behind the product.    AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer is the right fit for your need.  Since it offers multiple benefits:  Durable body and Sanitizing Multiple items all at once.  Moreover, it offers you fast sterilizing with a spacious room available (30 minutes to complete and has 1060 cubic inches), Audio alert, two removable trays.

Durable body and tempered glass

Aian Sterilizer & Dryer durable body
Aian UV Sterilizer with a durable body

AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer uses a combination of UV & Plasma Technology which removes 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from the surface of objects.  Yes, it is safe for humans since the mechanical feature allows keeping rays and ions inside the unit with a durable body.   The tempered glass window is an additional feature for safety. It not only ensures the rays or ions keeping inside the unit, but also it is durable for your safety.

Hexagonal Mirroring Structure

Aian UV Sterilizer Hexagonal mirroring
Hexagonal structure

AIAN Sterilizer Multipurpose uses its own patented hexagonal mirroring structure for the effective delivery of rays to reach the target objects.   It not only helps to the effective delivery of rays but also eliminates dead angles to receive rays to the target objects.   This function allows AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer to quickly and effectively remove bacteria and viruses.

Spacious Room

AIAN Multipurpose UV Sterilizer
Aian UV Multipurpose Sterilizer for sterilizing thin bottles

AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer has 1060 cubic inches of available space inside the unit. Yet It is the fastest sterilizer in the market today, by comparing time to complete a sterilization cycle and available space.

One-touch operation and Audio

Aian UV Sterilizer & Dryer
OneTouch Operation

By pressing a button, the machine starts the sterilization process.  You will hear a brief audio alert from AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer as you press the button. After 30 minutes later you will hear another brief alert sound to notify you of the completion of a sterilization process.

Air circulation

AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer has a built-in fan in the back of the unit for supplying fresh air to circulate inside the unit. In addition to that, it has a washable filter that you wash once a month. (the more frequent use, you recommend washing it weekly).