Litem Food Waste Bin


  • Odor-Free, Efficient and Comfortable Food Waste Solution
  • A compact double bucket system with a handle
  • Easy to store food and completely washable buckets
  • An inner bucket makes it easy to handle food waste; Easy to lift the inner bucket with built-in handle
  • Please check dimension & weight before placing an order: 6.1(W)x7.1(D)x7(H), 1.12LBS. 2.6L. Made of Polypropylene (PP) material from Korea
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Food Waste Composting Bin for your kitchen | Compact, 2 Buckets for Easy Lifting

Food Waste Bin
Food Composting Waste Bin for countertop


Litem Food Waste Composting Bin for countertop offers you a clean way to handle food waste. It has double handles to easily carry around with a built-in double bucket to store and clean waste conveniently and easily. Moreover, the inner bucket has an extra handle to lift the inner bucket easily and the unit is completely washable.

LivingStar Food Waste Composting Bin helps to bring food waste to nature.  Each year, 40 million tons of food waste are trashed, and that is NOT healthy for our environment.  Moreover, that amount of trash translates into 161 Billion dollars per annum!

Small Size fits nicely in your kitchen countertop

Food Waste Bin

Size matters for your kitchen where you have a number of other kitchenware products.  The place usually packed with dishes, forks, knives,  pots, and etc.   You may need a food waste bin separating from the existing waste bin for dedicated composting food waste.    The dimension of the product is 6.1(W)x7.1(D)x7(H), which handles 2.6 Liter.

Completely washable and odor-free

Food Waste Bin

It is completely washable; therefore, it is odor-free.   The inner bucket has built-in water or liquid filtration system that allows composting foods quickly.

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