AIAN Sterilizer for removing COVID-19 viruses

AIAN UV Sterilizer for businesses includes sterilizing various objects, exposed to bacteria and viruses.  AIAN UV Sterilizer uses UVC 253.7 nanometer and Far InfraRed, which effectively eradicates bacteria and viruses.  It works against COVID-19, proven by recent research on UVC 222 nanometer spectrum at Hiroshima University.  UVC 222 nanometer removes COVID-19, while it is safe for humans; however, this particular spectrum doesn’t penetrate inside of living cells. The above 253-nanometer spectrum is highly effective for UVGI (Ultraviolet ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) applications since the spectrum breaks up the DNA of viruses and bacteria.

UVGI is a virus inactivation technology for your business.

  • UV-C damages DNA/RNA

  • Damaged organism can’t replicate

  • Maximum germicidal effectiveness with UVC spectrum

  • Used for air, surface, and water treatment


AIAN UV Sterilizer is a robust UVGI Machine

AIAN UV Sterilizer is a robust UVGI machine suitable for businesses and healthcare above since AIAN UV Sterilizer not only uses UVC 253.7 nanometer together with InfraRed but also it is a chamber type without exposing rays to your valuable space.  Furthermore, you will find other valuable features: fastest operation(20 min), one-touch operation, audio messaging, and durable body, which allows AIAN UV Sterilizer a perfect fit for businesses. 

AIAN Sterilizers for businesses

Why AIAN UV Sterilizer for businesses?

Fast sterilization is one of the key features for business use since the time translates into cost: the faster operation, the cheaper the cost.  One-touch to operate the sterilizer is another helpful feature for businesses, without needing a human to track the operation. Furthermore, beginning and ending guided audio messaging offers a plus convenience.  Durable body with industrial-grade glass allows not only capturing rays inside the unit but also offering a long time use (several years or even longer).  AIAN Sterilizer purifies air through a built-in air purification system ensuring fresh air circulated inside the unit. You can re-use the filter without needing a new one.

AIAN Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser for business use

You might also need AIAN Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser at your business for you and your visitors. It uses any 3rd party made rubbing alcohol to automatically sanitize hands placed inside the unit.  You can use 2500 to 2800 times of spray with a full tank (1.2 L), which typically runs about a month, depending on the frequency of use.

Aian Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Black color Office Setting
Aian Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Black color

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AIAN Sterilizer at Daycare Centers

Children are vulnerable to getting viruses and bacteria since they constantly touch objects surrounded them.  Thanks to built-in convenient features, the centers can easily sterilize toys, food containers, and other baby care products with AIAN Sterilizer with valuable built-in features.


AIAN Sterilizer at Hospitals

Hospitals could be a source of the spread of viruses due to the high traffic of people. Nowadays, hospitals use UVC lights to sterilize patient’s rooms when they are empty. However, the patients, doctors, and nurses need further protection from viruses.

AIAN UV Multipurpose Sterilizer for businesses(for heat sensitive items)

Your office is the second most important space after your home. You will meet your colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers, who are concerned about getting COVID-19 at the place. You shall need to sanitize the surface of the high-touch area, but also it would be necessary to sterilize key chains, cell phones, thin bottles, and other electronics.  AIAN UV Multi-Purpose Sterilizer can do the job for you.


AIAN Sterilizer brings more reasons to visit you.

People are afraid of visiting high traffic places and that is NOT good for your business. Making your business environment safe for your customers is one of the highest and most concerns for you.  AIAN Sterilizer creates a safe environment from viruses that make your customer feel safe to visit you and it will be a good welcome message that you care about your customers.

Read more about a recent study by Hiroshima University on UVC against COVID-19.

AIAN UV sterilizer for Dr.’s offices & hospitals, where need sterilizing various objects

AIAN Sterilizers for Businesses

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AIAN UV Sterilizer Usage for Childcare Centers, where businesses need simple & fast operation.

childcare center

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AIAN UV Multipurpose Sterilizer Application for business use.



Aian UV Sterilizer against Viruses & Bacteria

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