AIAN UV Sterilizer at Daycare 

AIAN UV Sterilizer at Daycare is one of the best showcases of using AIAN UV Sterilizer for businesses. It is well optimized for businesses like daycare centers that are highly concerned about COVID-19 viruses and other types of germs and bacteria.  Thanks to built-in convenient features, you can easily sterilize toys, food containers, and other baby care products.  The UV Sterilizer Cabinet uses UVC wavelength for the effective removal of micro-organisms on the surface of children’s items.

AIAN Fits for your daycare center operation

AIAN UV Sterilizer is the fastest machine available in the market today. Particularly, it only takes 20 minutes to complete the sterilizing and drying operation.  AIAN Sterilizer fits nicely for your business since the fast operation is one of the most important factors in running your business smoothly.

A woman uses AIAN Sterilizer Sterilizer at a daycare center

AIAN UY sterilizer at daycare centers

AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer – an essential device for your businesses operation

AIAN UV Sterilizer at daycare centers

Fast operation cost you less 

In addition to that, the fast sterilizing operation translates into less cost for you.  It is conveniently ready for you to sterilize and dry objects with the touch of a button guided by audio messaging.  20 minutes later, the unit will notify you with an ending message without needing attention.  It is well-optimized for not only baby bottle sterilizer but also helps you with your daycare or child therapy center operations.

It brings you multiple benefits

AIAN UV Sterilizer is a robust machine. It provides you with many conveniences: fast and easy operation.  In addition to that, it provides a built-in air purifying function without needing to change a filter.  Yet it is safe to use since UV rays are kept inside the unit with the durable door and window, also these features ensuring for long use; therefore, AIAN UV Sterilizer is highly suitable for your daycare center operation bringing you with maximum benefits.