Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet (UV) light was discovered in 1801 by a German physicist, Johann Wilhelm Ritter.  Since then, UV light has been widely used in our daily life. Especially, In Asia and Europe where usually, the population density is high, resulting in an awareness of personal hygiene becomes a high priority. Therefore, UV Sterilization has been commonly used in restaurants, cafeteria, and catering businesses.  It is a well-known fact that UV light inactivates bacteria and viruses; however, there are some important factors to consider: efficacy and human health for UV enabled devices and equipment.   The challenge is to make the device or equipment as effective as possible. But at the same time, they have to be safe for humans.  Therefore, AIAN UV Sterilizers are all chamber types.  It not only offers high efficiency of UV light use but also keeps the light inside the box ensuring the light doesn’t get exposed.

AIAN UV Sterilizer for Restaurant Business

What we have been missing for fine dining restaurants?

UV Sterilizer for a restaurant in the US is not as common as in other regions until recently. Since we have relatively less population density and strict laws enforcing hygiene in any type of restaurant.   However, the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply changed the way we have operated the restaurant business.  Usually, there are two processes involving cleansing: Wash and Dry, without needing sterilization.  Now we need to implement one more step to ensuring public safety.  Wash, Dry, and Sterilize!

The benefits of using UV Sterilizer is so obvious that it doesn’t require any chemicals, therefore, it is eco-friendly and cost-effective to manage the sterilizing process.

UV Sterilizer for your restaurant – fast sterilizing and drying in 20 min

AIAN UV Sterilizer for the restaurant operation will be a perfect fit since it sterilizes and dries all at once by a single-touch operation. Today, restaurant owners have a common issue to keep the business safe from bacteria and viruses.  Therefore, restaurant operation requires an automatic and robust operation. Moreover, the machine must be durable.  How can these issues be resolved?  The answer to this critical question can be the AIAN UV Sterilizer, which uses UVC 253.7 nanometer and infrared, which effectively eradicates bacteria and viruses.   In addition to that, the UVC 253.7 nanometer wavelength breaks off the DNA cells without leaving a possibility of replication.

Origin of the brand and its expandability to UV Sterilizer for restaurant

AIAN UV Sterilizer was designed as a bottle sterilizer that has to be safe and efficiently removes bacteria and viruses.  It also provides many abilities to meet sterilizing different items used in businesses, especially, for a restaurant where it needs sterilize various flatware items.  Your business space is expensive while the machine has to handle multiple items to sterilize and dry all at once. Consequently, you need not only a compact but also it can perform UV Sterilization and Dry all at once. Furthermore, it has to operate fast enough.

Your business needs a robust UVGI machine

AIAN UV Sterilizer is a robust UVGI machine suitable for your restaurant operation. UVC wavelength has shown the most effective spectrum that inactivating viruses and bacteria. Besides, it breaks off DNA cells of the micro-organism.  Since it not only uses UVC 253.7 nanometer together with infrared but also it is a chamber type without exposing rays to your valuable space.  Furthermore, you will find other valuable features: fastest operation(20 min), one-touch operation, audio messaging, and durable body.  These features bring valuable benefits to your business operation.

Fast sterilizing & drying cycle and spacious room 

It gives you a spacious room to include multiple items inside the unit, yet it is the fastest machine, takes only 20 minutes to finish sterilizing and drying operation.  If you compare other sterilizers available in the market, you may find a full sterilizing time could be less than AIAN UV Sterilizer; however, if you compare available space, AIAN works the best.

AIAN Sterilizers for businesses 

Why AIAN UV Sterilizer for your restaurant?

One-touch to operate the sterilizer is a helpful feature for your restaurant, without needing a human to track the operation.  Fast sterilization is one of the key features for a restaurant operation since the time translates into cost: the faster operation, the cheaper the cost.   Furthermore, beginning and ending guided audio messaging offers a plus convenience.  Durable body with industrial-grade glass allows not only capturing rays inside the unit but also offering a long time use (several years or even longer).  AIAN Sterilizer purifies air through a built-in air purification system ensuring fresh air circulated inside the unit. You can re-use the filter without needing a new one. These features allow AIAN UV Sterilizer a perfect fit for your restaurant operation.

AIAN UV Sterilizer removes smell remained in flatware

UV Sterilizer can remove bad smell remained in cups, spoons, knives, forks, and other flatware.  Please allow a fresh experience for your customers.

AIAN UV Sterilizer as the marketing tool for your customers to visit you

AIAN UV Sterilizer offers an opportunity to market your business, which uses a UV Sterilizer for ensuring the removal of any bacteria and germs remained in flatware.  This is a great welcome message to your potential customers.

Spacious Room & removable trays 

It has a spacious room to accommodate multiple items with or without removable trays. This feature allows putting spoons on the top, forks in the bottom tray for instance.

You can put multiple items without the removable trays, such as large jars. By having 1060 cubic inches allows flexibility for putting the different sizes of items.

Air purification

AIAN Sterilizer UV Sterilizer has an air purification function for supplying fresh air into the unit.  The filter is located in the back of the unit.  Then, you can simply open it up and wash the filter as you need it.

Durable Body with protective glass

The body of the unit is durable, moreover, the protective glass with the door is made of tempered material.  That ensures UVC and IR rays are kept inside the unit, which makes it possible for AIAN UV Sterilizer is a safe and long time to use.

The patented hexagonal mirroring structure makes it possible for the fast and effective delivery of rays to the object(s).  Moreover, the self-mirroring structure allows delivering rays to dead angles in the unit for reaching UVC & Infra-red rays to the object(s).


Why do you need a UV sterilizer in a restaurant?

The UV sterilizer not only kills bacteria and viruses on the surface of high-touch flatwares but also removes bad smell on them.

Are UV Sterilizers actually working and worth it?

Definitely YES. Among UV wavelength, UVC is the best wavelength to remove bacteria and viruses. Particularly, a 253.7-nanometer wavelength effectively removes bacteria and viruses.

UVGI WaveLentgh
UVGI wavelength

Is UV Sterilizer safe to use?

Since some UVC wavelength may not be safe for humans’ skin, Therefore, AIAN UV Sterilizers are all chamber types designed for safety, durability, and particularly, it uses industrial-grade tempered glass for ensuring to keep rays inside the unit.

Can you sterilize thin bottles and foods with this?

This model uses a high-temperature method to kill bacteria and viruses. For sterilizing thin bottles, foods, and electronics, Multipurpose Sterilizer fits for that particular need.

What is the best way to sterilize cups?

AIAN IUV Sterilizer utilizes its own patented hexagonal structure for the effective delivery of lights. Moreover, it offers to reach dead angles of the target objects to sterilize. It works like self-mirroring so that the rays will bounce and reflected to reach. However, you will need some spaces between the bottom of the unit to the objects. So, please use a removable tray that comes with the package and put the cups upward for maximum efficacy of sterilization.

Aian UV Sterilizer
Hexagonal mirroring structure