UV Sterilizer for shipping & logistics

AIAN UV Sterilizer for the shipping operation will be a perfect fit since it sterilizes by the single-touch operation with multiple features and benefits ready for you.  AIAN UV Sterilizer uses UVC 253.7 nanometer and Plasma Ionizer, which effectively eradicates bacteria and viruses.  The design of the product specifically meets sterilizing heat-sensitive items such as electronics, thin bottles, and commonly used office products.

It is a robust UVGI Machine fits perfect for your shipping/logistics 

AIAN UV Sterilizer is a robust UVGI machine suitable for your shipping operation.  Since it not only uses UVC 253.7 nanometer together with Plasma Ionizer but also it is a chamber type without exposing rays to your valuable space.  Furthermore, you will find other valuable features: fastest operation(30 min), one-touch operation, audio messaging, and durable body.  These features allow AIAN UV Sterilizer a perfect fit for your shipping business. 

AIAN Multipurpose UV Sterilizer
Aian UV Multipurpose Steriliser a low-temperature sterilizer

Why AIAN UV Sterilizer for your shipping?

Fast sterilization is one of the key features for shipping or logistics operation since the time translates into cost: the faster operation, the cheaper the cost.  One-touch to operate the sterilizer is another helpful feature for your logistics business, without needing a human to track the operation. Furthermore, beginning and ending guided audio messaging offers a plus convenience.  Durable body with industrial-grade glass allows not only capturing rays inside the unit but also offering a long time use (several years or even longer).  AIAN Sterilizer purifies air through a built-in air purification system ensuring fresh air circulated inside the unit. You can re-use the filter without needing a new one.

Spacious Room & removable trays 

You can put multiple items in the removable trays: keys, pens, remotes, etc., that come with AIAN UV Sterilizer.  In addition to that, by having 1060 cubic inch, accommodates a large item or multiple items with or without removable trays.

Air purification

AIAN UV Multipurpose Steriliser has an air purification function for supplying fresh air into the unit.  The filter is located in the back of the unit. You can simply open it up and wash the filter as you need it.

Durable Body with protective glass

It is durable, moreover, the protective glass is made of special high quality.  That ensures UVC and IR rays are kept inside the unit; therefore, AIAN UV Sterilizer is a safe and long time to use.

AIAN UV Multipurpose Sterilizer uses UVC and Plasma Ionizer that are highly effective for removing bacteria and viruses, besides, the patented hexagonal mirroring structure helps to fast and effective delivery of rays the object(s).

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