About UVC Wavelength

It is found that some UV Wavelengths are helpful in our life.  Particularly, UVC spectrums are useful for natural disinfection, which come from sunlight with different types of spectrum, categorized into 3 different wavelengths: UVA(320nm ~ 400nm), UVB(280nm ~ 320nm), UVC(200nm ~ 280nm).


Among these spectrums, UVC  has the strongest germicidal effect, which has been used in various applications.  Furthermore, 253.7 nm is proven to be the best spectrum, inactivating bacteria and viruses in the air and surface.

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UVC Lamp output vs. Effectiveness

The below graph demonstrates the UVC lamp output vs. effectiveness. As you can see, UVC 253.7 nanometer wavelength provides the most efficient UV Germicidal Irradiation effect.

UVC 253.7 wavelength effectiveness

UVGI is a viruses inactivation technology for your business.

  • UV-C damages DNA/RNA

  • Damaged organism can’t replicate

  • Maximum germicidal effectiveness with UVC spectrum

  • Used for air, surface, and water treatment

 AIAN Sterilizer is a robust UVGI machine suitable for businesses and healthcare applications since AIAN Sterilizer not only uses UVC 253.7 nanometer together with InfraRed but also it is a chamber type without exposing rays to your valuable space.  Furthermore, you will find other valuable features: fastest operation(20 min), one-touch operation, audio messaging, and durable body, which allows AIAN Sterilizer a perfect fit for businesses.

It works against COVID-19, proven by recent research on UVC 222 nanometer spectrum at Hiroshima University.  UVC 222 nanometer removes COVID-19, while it is safe for humans; however, this particular spectrum doesn’t penetrate inside of living cells. Above 253 nanometer spectrum is highly effective for UVGI (Ultraviolet ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) applications since the spectrum breaks up the DNA of viruses and bacteria.

Read more about UVC from the National Institute of Science.