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About AIAN UV Sterilizer

Clerian Inc operates AIAN UV Sterilizer, which has been in the market for more than 5 years. During the past years, we’ve learned from many valuable prospects, and that lead us to provide various solutions for customers.  Particularly, AIAN UV Multipurpose Sterilizer addresses customers who need temperature-sensitive daily use items such as thin bottles, electronics, and personal medical devices.  Even before the pandemic, we were helping customers with AIAN Touchless Sanitizer Dispensers, which becomes one of the essential items for offices and the general public.

WHY AIAN UV Sterilizer?

AIAN UV Sterilizer Cabinet Box is a safe, multifunctional, convenient, and furthermore, they are all durable proven through various market channels and other countries where people experienced bird flue, MERS-CoV, and other pandemics.

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