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Thanks Baby Breast Milk Bag


ThanksBaby breastmilk Bag(8.45oz) is mom’s Choice – Durable, Convenient, Secure Sealing, BPA Free, Temperature&Volume Indicator, Date&Time Tracking, Easy Pouring with Material (100 counts)

  • 100% leak-free with securely sealed double zipper bag: a Double zipper bag allows securely seal the contents of the bag ensuring without a leak for your valuable feed for your baby
  • Designed with durable and high-quality material: We provide the highest quality of the product that guarantees a mother’s satisfaction
  • A separate outlet located at the top provides convenience and further hygiene (easy rip off and pouring). It allows pouring the milk easily and securely through a separate outlet that makes not only convenient but gives further hygienic function
  • BPA free: No lead and Bisphenol
  • Self-standing for easy storage: You can store the bags in the freezer or fridge in vertical or horizontal without a spill. Other valuable features: Thermal Indicator provides a quick reference of the temperature of the milk (quick reference ONLY; one still needs to measure the temperature) Volume Indicator can give you more than 98% of the accuracy of the volume. The date & Time marker makes it easy to track the history of the bags


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Thanks Baby breastmilk bag (8.45oz) is for your need when you are traveling or working.   It was carefully designed by mothers of babies who need this valuable product for mother and baby.  You will find convenience, easy, and simple to use it.  More importantly, the high quality provides you with safety for you and your baby. Thanks Baby breastmilk bag is made of high-quality material ensuring for baby and mother’s safety and health.


Mom needs Thanks Baby Breastmilk bags

The Bag is leak-free, self-standing, a double zipper, easy to cut without needing a tool.  You can safely put the bag in a freezer or fridge and use it whenever you need to feed your baby.  One of the top concerns for newborn baby mothers is the quality of the bag.  It is made of BPA free and FDA compliant material while it provides many valuable features for your need.    The pre-formatted cut line allows you easy cut without needing any tools.

Thanks Baby Details

It comes with many valuable features

Thanks Baby Breastmilk Bag brings you convenience. You will discover many valuable features with Thanks Baby: Volume Indicator, Temperature Indicator, Time & Date Tracking. You can easily find out the approximate volume in the bag to feed a baby and the temperature indicator offers a quick reference of the temperature of the milk in the bag (It is meant for a quick reference only). Tracking date & time is very important since there is a limit on a period of time; therefore, you can mark the date & time in the bag before putting them into the refrigerator. For further references on breast milk storage, please go to CDC guidelines. 

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Benefits of breastmilk feeding

Benefits of Breastmilk Feeding becomes one of the most important agendas for our life today due to it provides multiple benefits to the mother and baby.  Healthcare professionals recommend breastfeeding for the baby since breastfeeding is beneficial for both mother and baby. Breastfed children have fewer ear, respiratory, and urinary tract infections as compared to children without breastfed.  Furthermore, it reduces the chance of getting bacteria and viruses since breastmilk builds children’s immune systems. Also, breastfeeding reduces the chance of getting breast cancer for mothers.

Less hospital visit for a breastfed baby

Statistics indicate that breastfed children fewer hospital visits than non-breastfed children. Therefore, it cost less for the family.

Healthier for mother

It is a well-known fact that breastfed mother has less chance of getting breast cancer and osteoporosis. Moreover, earlier return to pre-pregnancy weight.

Breastmilk provides necessary nutrition for baby

Breastmilk not only provides antibodies but also it gives the baby with the necessary nutrition for the baby.  It contains protein and sugar contained with other beneficial compounds for the baby.  It also allows to maintenance right weight for the baby.

Two brothers childhood experience

Following is a demonstration of breastfeeding benefits from two brothers.

“My grandmother raised me and according to her, she fed me with commercial milk in my infant stage since my mother was working. On the other hand, my brother had breastmilk.   I remember when we were young.  My brother was healthier than I.  He didn’t get cold as often as I had a cold.   Also, he had the right weight whereas I was overweight.  Even today, my brother is far healthier than me.  He doesn’t have allergies to gluten and pollen. However, I always suffer from them”.

Thanks Baby benefits the people

Many mothers are busy working and the baby may be left at daycare or at home.  While the mother is away from the baby, the breastmilk bag can serve the feeding.  Thanks Baby Breastmilk Storage Bag is made of high-quality material that is FDA compliant. Furthermore, it has many beneficial features: double zipper, pre-formatted area to cut, volume indicator, temperature indicator, and a dedicated area to mark date & time tracking at the bag.