AIAN UV Sterilizer at the hospital helps a safe and clean environment for patients, nurses, doctors, and other staff.  AIAN UV Sterilizer has been designed for helping businesses since there are many built-in features that most businesses need it in this COVID-19 pandemic you are going through.

Hospitals with UVGI devices

The hospital today uses in-room UVC lights application to clean the air and high-touch surfaces assisted by automated sensor technology. This system was designed for automated sterilization when the room is empty.   Then, what about patients’ items and your hands?  Hospitals need to go further to sterilize items that the patient uses such as a cup, food container, cloth, and etc.  Also, hospitals and dr.’s offices need touchless hand sanitizer dispensers not only for patients but also for doctors, nurses, and visitors in the room.

UV Light for hospital

Why you need AIAN UV Sterilizer at your hospital?

AIAN UV Sterilizer at hospitals typically used for sterilizing various items. Patients are vulnerable to bacteria and viruses; therefore, food containers, clothes, and other patient’s goods are sterilized. Especially, ensuring to remove COVID-19 viruses remained in objects is important. AIAN UV Sterilizer employees UVC 257.3 nanometer spectrum that effectively eradicates bacteria and viruses; furthermore, it also uses far Infra-Red together with UVC for strengthening sterilization effects to target objects.

Hexagonal Self-mirroring Structure

AIAN UV Sterilizer employs a hexagonal self-mirroring structure, which allows effective delivery of UVC and InfraRed rays to the target objects to destroy the DNA of viruses and bacterial. Yet, it is safe since it ensures to capture rays inside the unit with a durable body and industrial-grade glass window.

Aian sterilizer at hospitals

About UVGI with AIAN Sterilizer

Ultraviolet rays naturally exist and they come from sunlight with different types of wavelengths.  UV wavelengths are categorized as below:

UVA: 320nm ~ 400nm        UVB: 280nm ~ 320nm            UVC:200nm ~ 280 nm.

Among these spectrums, UVC  has the highest and strongest UV germicidal irradiation effect, and it has been used in various applications.  Importantly, 253.7 nm is the best spectrum for breaking up the DNA of bacteria and viruses in the air and surfaces.  Furthermore, this UVC wavelength has no chemicals, no toxic, and safe for humans.

Aian Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 

Hospitals need touchless sanitizer dispenser for patients, nurses, and doctors.  Sanitizing hands is vital to protect yourself from COVID-19 viruses.  This convenient unit sprays fine particles of rubbing alcohol at your hands for sterilizing any germs, viruses, or bacteria.  You may use any 3rd party made rubbing alcohol.


Aian Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser
Aian Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser