UVC & Plasma Cabinet uniquely adapted by the AIAN UV Multipurpose allowing sterilizing heat-sensitive items.

This section specifically describes Plasma technology with the AIAN Sterilizer.

AIAN UV Multipurpose Sterilizer as a UVC & Plasma Cabinet Box.

AIAN Multipurpose UV Sterilizer
AianUV Multipurpose Steriliser a low-temperature sterilizer

AIAN UV Multipurpose is a UV & Plasma Cabinet that will remove bacteria and viruses using Plasma Ionizer, which will generate negative ions that will work against bacteria and viruses.  Furthermore, the UVC & Plasma Cabinet Box radiates UVC 253.7nm rays onto objects to eradicate them.   This combination is a unique feature since they work effectively against bacteria and viruses, but also offers an opportunity to sterilize heat-sensitive items; therefore, AIAN UV Multipurpose Cabinet Box works well for businesses, hospitals, and people having weak immunity against bacteria and viruses.


What are Plasma Ionizers and effectiveness?

What is Plasma Ionizer?

Plasma is the 4th state besides Solid, Liquid, and Gas. Plasma exists naturally with what it calls ion.  Especially, negative ions are good for humans; they are concentrated in fresh air places like Niagara Falls.



Plasma and its applications

Air purifiers, cleansing water, preserving foods have been some of the Plasma applications available today.  For instance, an air purifier with Plasma Ionizer can effectively neutralize airborne dust, germs, bacteria, and even further, viruses. The air purifier typically uses a fan to pull harmful airborne particles into the unit, then it neutralizes or breaks the DNA of harmful bacteria and viruses, then put them into an air filter.    One of the Plasma Ionizer applications for air cleaner was effective to remove Coronaviruses according to Plasma Air.  Click here to go to the link.   Scientists and medical professionals find Plasma works against COVID-19 in medical treatment which can be found on the FDA website.