AIAN Endoscope Cabinet

  • A safety cabinet system for storing endoscopes preventing from 2nd or 3rd infection in hospital environment.
  • Air circulation fan is installed for easy drying of endoscopes after cleansing.
  • Designed to put endoscopes on and take them off easily.
  • Sterilizer with Plasma ionizer to prevent pathogenic bacteria (optional)
  • Effective in the prevention of hepatitis and other types of infection disease; it also removes bad smell by plasma ionizer (optional)
  • Tempered glass adapted
  • Manufactured using SUS304 to prevent rusting
  • External timer controlled
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AIAN Endoscope Cabinet – A safe cabinet system for endoscopes

Putting endoscopes in an unsafe place makes people infected by bacteria or viruses. Some of the places at hospitals are vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Aian Endoscope Cabinet & Sterilizer stores endoscopes for placing them. Moreover, it has the ability to sterilize endoscopes with a timer.

Ability to sterilize

Aian Endoscope Cabinet has the ability to sterilize endoscopes further to prevent bacteria & viruses.  It uses plasma or UV technology to sterilize endoscopes.  It is an effective way to sterilize hepatitis and other types of infectious diseases. Furthermore, it has a built-in timer for controlling the degree of the sterilization process.

Air Circulation

After placing the endoscopes, then it can easily dry off any liquid remaining in them. A built-in air circulation fan helps to circulate airflow inside the unit.

External Timer to control for sterilizing time

You can set your timer to sterilize endoscopes, which function offers a better way to prevent getting bacteria and viruses.

Other value-added features

It has 3 tiers rotating hook.  Therefore, endoscopes are easily placed in the unit. Also, it helps to dry off the endoscope completely without leaving any liquid in them. Furthermore, The system has been designed by the SUS304 standard for prevention from rusting and is tempered glass adapted.


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