Sterilizer Dryer 20minutes Operation

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Multiple benefits with AIAN Sterilizer and Dryer

20 minutes of operation time

The Sterilizer Dryer 20minutes operation makes a unique value for mothers of babies.  The Sterilizer and Dryer is originally designed as a baby bottle sterilizer. It removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  Moreover, it is fast, takes only 20 minutes to run a sterilizing and drying operation for multiple items (bottles, nipples caps of bottles, and other mother’s accessories).

1060 cubic inches available

It has a spacious room to accommodate multiple items.  The unit comes with two removable trays to put more items into the unit.  You can sterilize toys and other kid’s items also.

Triple effect technology allows fast, simple, and reliable operation

It uses UVC 253.7 nano-meter wavelength, a highly effective wavelength for sterilization.  Furthermore, internally, it employees a mirror stainless steel and patented hexagonal mirroring structure to effectively deliver rays to targets.  It also uses InfraRed, which has a disinfection effect.   A combination of these essential technologies,  the Sterilizer and Dryer works really well against bacteria and viruses.

One-touch button operation

One-touch button operation offers convenience and easy operation.  You will hear a voice message for the start and end of the operation, notifying you of the status.  Once an operation cycle finishes, then the power turns off automatically.   This makes it not only convenient but also it frees you from the sterilizing and drying operation.   This is the most beneficial feature that allows you sterilizing and drying at all once without you to take an additional step to dry the bottles.

Durable body and tempered glass window

The unit is built by durable plastic and tempered glass window, which makes the safe operation, and long time use also.  Moreover, it completely blocks rays exposed to your valuable space.

Air purification

It has a built-in fan to supply fresh air with a washable filter, which you can wash and re-use it.

UV Light Bulb for 6,000 hours of operation

The unit with the light bulb runs about 6,000 hours, which makes you use it for a long time