Doctors are sanitizing N95 masks

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AIAN UV Sterilizer for reuse of N95 masks for surgeons

Doctors are sanitizing N95 masks for reuse. From time to time N95 masks become short of supply in the market.  Therefore, Surgery doctors found a way to re-use N95 masks by sanitizing them with a UV Sterilizer.  The doctors also check on the level of UV dosage of the sterilizer with a UV dosage test kit ensuring enough UV dosage to sanitize the masks.

doctors are sanitizing n95 masks with UV sterilizer

Testing of the dosage level produced by a UV sterilizer is done daily basis also.  Surgeons find AIAN produces a sufficient dosage for sanitizing N95 masks.   One of the benefits of using AIAN Sterilizer is that multiple N95 masks can go into the unit and sterilize them all at once.  Depending on N95 material and specification, AIAN Sterilizer and Dryer fit your need.  AIAN Sterilizer and Dryer generates 45 degrees in Celsius with enough dosage of UV rays to kill the bacteria and viruses. Moreover, it employs Far Infrared also works well against bacteria and viruses.  Internally, the hexagonal mirroring structure expedites to deliver UV and Infrared rays effectively and fast.  It only takes 20 minutes to complete a sterilizing and drying cycle. The average lifetime of the UV lamp is 6,000 hours. Click to check further details of AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer.