Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

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Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer has been introduced in early 2000 in Asia using UVC 253.7 nano-meter wavelength that works the best against bacteria and viruses.   Some of the mothers of the baby are still using steamed sterilizer using water, which has also many advantages over electronic UV sterilizers.  However, one has to consider the quality of water and watch the operation.

UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Baby Bottle UV Sterilizer AIAN

The UV Sterilizer will free mothers from those drawbacks of steamed water sterilizers.   UV Sterilizers are physical rather than chemical.  Moreover,  it is highly effective to break off DNA or RNA of bacteria and viruses.   That means, the micro-organism cannot reproduce itself; therefore, UV Baby Bottle Sterilizer is gaining popularity in the consumer market.    Furthermore, the UV Sterilizer doesn’t consume any chemicals to sterilize baby bottles and it is safe. Since most baby bottle UV sterilizers are chamber type, which means, the unit keeps UV rays inside of the unit. There have been many questions about the safety of UV rays.  In conclusion, UV scientists are saying it may not be safe to expose human skin or eyes to the rays.

AIAN Baby Bottles Sterilizer is safe, fast, simple, and easy to use

AIAN Baby Bottle Sterilizer is a safe UV sterilizer carefully designed and optimized for sterilizing and drying baby bottles.   Furthermore,  AIAN Baby Bottle Sterilizer brings you multiple benefits: fast, easy, and simple operation.  It ONLY takes 20 minutes to sterilize and dry multiple baby bottles all at once, while you are working on other stuff.   You simply wash the bottles and put them into the unit, press the button, and wait for 20 minutes!


AIAN Baby Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer

How to sterilize baby bottles using the UV machine?

Aian Sterilizer and Dryer
You can put multiple bottles and nipple caps, and others in the unit. 


First, Clean up the bottles thoroughly (you may consider using a brush to clean up hard to reach area).  Below is a silicone brush that can help to clean up the bottles.

thanks Baby Bottle Brush Orange color
Thanks baby brush


Then,  put the bottles inside the unit.  If necessary, you can use removable trays come with the unit also.

Lastly,  close the door, then wait for 20 minutes.

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